What did Bernie and Hillary actually think about the Iraq War in 2002?

After listening to Bernie Sanders criticize Hillary Clinton’s 2003 vote to authorize the President to use force in Iraq, I decided to go back and look at Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ speeches regarding the authorization. What I found was that there was actually very…


My Weekend With Donald Trump

I got a text from Trump at 12:34 PM. “Where are you? Come to the Tower.” “The Donald” as he was referred to by a few people in the 1980s is having an event. I look outside my window and see the brand-new Rolls Royce…


Bill Cosby, My First And Last Hero

Bill Cosby was probably my first hero, and he’ll be my last. One by one, each of the people I’ve revered in life has been brought low by moral high crimes and midemeanors, some of which were proven, others lingering never really laid to rest….


A Response To TotalBiscuit’s Response To YouTube Nation

A couple days ago, YouTube Nation posted a video, GamerGate: What’s REALLY Going On? The video was quickly swamped with comments following the video’s being posted in Reddit’s /r/KotakuInAction subreddit, a subreddit dedicated to GamerGate. A day ago, TotalBiscuit left a lengthy, thoughtful post on…

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TV’s Forgotten Golden Age

At a party last night, a friend was talking about how good TV is now, which I think we all generally accept as a given, and how much better it is than TV past. He mentioned 30 Rock, and my immediate reaction was that Cosby…


Schrödinger’s Scat

As we and others have been discussing quantum theories on the subatomic level, I think we could easily look at them on a much larger scale. Consider the idea of Superpoopsition, the idea that a piece of fecal matter exists in a toilet bowl in all its theoretical possibilities at once, which has been a difficult problem for theoretical physicists to solve and an even harder one for actual plumbers.