My Friend, Matt, Seriously Needs Your Help

I’m asking you to donate a few bucks to help out a friend of mine. His name is Matt Villines, and he has cancer, and it’s late-stage cancer. It is the Mike Tyson of cancer, and Matt is Little Mac going up against the champ. I believe Matt can punch out Mike Tyson, but even if he does, the bills alone could deliver their own TKO.


The Pork Chop Dinner I Choked Down In The Name Of Progress

I’m trying to learn to cook, using YouTube videos as my guide. For week number two of my mission, I decided to make Honey Garlic Pork Chops. Honestly, honey and garlic are not the first two things I consider throwing together to create something yummy, but I’d watched Felicia Mills’ #CookingWithFelicia video several times, and the recipe seemed idiot-proof.

sarkeesian thunderf001

Excuse Me While I Dismantle Thunderf00t’s Anti-Sarkeesian Video With One Screenshot

Some YouTuber named Thunderf00t has a problem with Anita Sarkeesian. You can be forgiven if you don’t know who she is. She’s a feminist YouTuber who had the audacity to create a series of videos on anti-feminist tropes in video games. I respect her work. In a world in which most people don’t take video games seriously, she not only takes them seriously but turns a critical eye toward them, which is what is required to improve art. This guy, Thunderf00t, hates Anita, her gaming-oriented mission, and feminism, in general.


The Hobby Lobby’s Hobbies Lobby

As I read this Facebook post from a friend whose identity has been obscured to protect him from reprisals from the Hobby Lobby located at 51st & Harvard in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he works weekends–usually the afternoon shift– I couldn’t help but shake my head.


It Wasn’t The Vidcon I Expected

I was a couple hundred words into a post on Vidcon. I was trying to make sense of everything I’d seen and experienced, attempting to translate it into words for people who probably don’t care about Vidcon and wouldn’t understand why there would be a…


My Time With Taboo – A Memoir

The following is excerpted from my memoir, Hey, I Remember That! … And so I said to him, “Taboo, you certainly have had nearly unparalleled success as part of one of the world’s best-selling mixed-gender hip-hop/pop quartets, but there must be more that you want…


Let’s NOT Call This Misogynist Extremism

In addition to the original reporting, I’ve read three blog posts on the Elliot Rodger story today. Two are from friends, and one is by Laurie Penny at The New Statesman. In Laurie’s post, she writes: Misogyny is nothing new, but there is a specific…